The main thing in any printing solution is the ink and Graph-Tech USA provides the widest range of special inks to enable us to print on almost any substrate and thus power a range of unimaginable applications.
Graph-Tech USA Injection Inks are suitable for almost all applications and substrates, from absorbent paper to glossy materials and plastics.
Please contact us to advise you on the best solution for your application.

• Development in Printing (No two materials are the same)
Very different inks are often required to produce with the quality and legibility required. Whether printed on matte materials or glossy finishes, Graph-Tech USA provides inks that dry quickly, are water resistant and adhere to the toughest substances. And because Graph-Tech USA uses HP's thermal inkjet technology, it offers pigmented inks as well as solvent-based inks and dyes, giving you even more printing possibilities.

• Variety of Ink Options to meet printing needs
While black ink predominates in print jobs, Graph-Tech USA has specially formulated inks that offer a wide range of options, each designed for specific layers and stocks. For some projects that require color, there are more than 14 common colors, as well as the offer of Pantone Color Matching custom and DNA inks (special for secure printing).

• Ink handling technologies
Graph-Tech USA never stops developing different inks. Always looking for new and better ways to use our inks, Graph-Tech USA offers its customers solutions for the printing needs of today and the future. Working in collaboration with HP,
Graph-Tech USA has the advantage of being always at the forefront of new technology, ensuring the future development of our customers and utlimately our customer's success.



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